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Here are the newest posts to my (very) occasional blog.


carved head

Carved on the side of a thousand-year-old cart. I know this expression. (Taken while visiting the excellent Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway, last month)


2017 saw the release of Galencia, a Galaga-style game for the Commodore 64. I’ve been playing it a lot on my C128; it’s really well-done, with a great SID soundtrack.

I just backed its sequel on Kickstarter. They have really ambitious plans, and seem to be off to a great start. Looking forward to getting my hands on that cartridge later this year.


Wilson Hall at Fermilab

Wilson Hall, Fermilab, last night. Attended a public lecture on quantum engineering with Hemi. It’s just such a cool place.


Homemade tea egg. Came out pretty nice!

Photo of tea egg


Photo of covered bridge, sun, snow


Ah, that all-tests-passed feeling after a major refactoring. Time for lunch.

screen grab of passed-test icons in Xcode

2018-01-11: Ice on water

photo of icy river

Ice on water, under a bridge, a couple of days ago.


Working on my blog-posting code, the only Perl 5 I regularly interact with, reminds me: I still really like Perl. It’s a fun language for projects of this size. (Really ought to try something in Perl 6 someday.)

2018-01-05 looks really great. Simple standards, nice design, right idea. Trying it out with my homebrew static site generator.