About 3MC

Sometimes you just want to glance at a calendar, and more than just the current month.

Is the 10th on a weekend? What weekday is the first of next month? How many weeks are left in the year? When is Week 26?

3MC hides away until you click its icon in the menu bar. It opens and shows this month, next month, and the one after, but you can scroll up or down to see more:

Screenshot of Three Month Calendar opened beneath a Mac menu bar item
3MC in “action”

When summoned, it stays on top, and doesn’t accept focus, so you can keep it open while typing elsewhere. You can scroll up or down as needed. It doesn’t show any events or highlights, other than a circle on today’s date, and doesn’t access your personal calendars.

You can configure it to show or hide weekdays, week numbers, and month names, to choose between two sizes, and to select light or dark theme manually or automatically:

Screenshot of 3MC's Appearance preferences pane
Appearance preferences

And that’s it. It’s a minimal app, and deliberately so. It’s not connected to your personal calendars or reminders, so you won’t see any events or appointments, and don’t need to give it any permissions.

I built 3MC because I wanted precisely this app, and for fun, to play with SwiftUI in between major releases of TimeStory. If it looks useful, it’s 99¢ on the Mac App Store. (One-time purchase, and of course no ads or anything.)

Help and Usage

First-time setup

When you first launch 3MC, an intro window will appear:

Screenshot of 3MC's initial welcome window
Welcome window

Once you close this window, it won’t appear again.

Starting at login

To appear in the menu bar, 3MC must be running; you can always run it directly from its app icon, but it’s much easier to click the “Start 3MC automatically at login” checkbox, on either the initial welcome window, or on the Startup pane of the Preferences window.

Screenshot of 3MC's Startup preferences pane
Startup preferences

If this is unchecked, the 3MC button will disappear from your menu bar whenever you log out and log back in (or restart your Mac). If this is checked, it will automatically show up.

Technical note on login items

3MC installs itself by registering its own “3MC Launch at Login Helper” app with the system. This is separate from the Login Items list you’ll see in System Preferences, because Apple prevents sandboxed apps like 3MC from modifying that list. You can, of course, manually drag 3MC into that list instead, if you prefer to manage login items that way. If you don’t have a reason to do so, however, I recommend using the built-in “start automatically” checkbox.

Opening and closing the calendar

Click on the menu bar icon to pop open the calendar. Click on that icon again to dismiss it.

By default, there is also a “toolbar” at the top; if you have not removed that toolbar via Preferences, you can also click the “X” button to dismiss the calendar.

The calendar stays open, and on top of other windows, even if you click elsewhere or on other apps. The calendar does not take the keyboard focus, so it’s ideal to use if you’re typing up a document, email, or something, and want to leave it up.

Today’s date

Within the calendar, today’s date is marked by a colored circle.

If you’ve scrolled away, and want to quickly return to today’s date, click the circle button in the toolbar (unless the toolbar is disabled).


With the calendar open, you can freely scroll up or down a few more months. If you scroll far enough in either direction, you’ll reach the end of the currently-visible weeks; an arrow button will appear:

Screenshot of 3MC's more-weeks button at the top of the scrollable calendar
The "add more weeks" button at the top

Just click that button, and more weeks will be added in that corresponding direction.

(3MC currently loads 65 weeks at a time; 15 visible weeks plus 25 weeks in either direction. This ensures that three full months are always visible, and that roughly a year’s worth of time is easily scrollable.)

Accessing the calendar menu

Right-click on the same menu bar icon to open 3MC’s menu:

Screenshot of 3MC's menu
The 3MC menu

The same menu is available from the calendar toolbar, if enabled:

Screenshot of 3MC's menu, opened from another place
The 3MC menu, again

Note on calendars, languages, and regions

3MC was designed to adopt your Mac’s system-wide calendar and language settings. I’ve personally tested it with a fair number of languages and settings, but it’s possible you’ll use a combination which doesn’t look quite right; let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

Getting Support

Problems? Feature requests? Complaints? Praise?

Drop me a line at aaron@casualprogrammer.com.

3MC is just a side project, but I’d like to keep it working well and improve what can be improved.