Aaron Trickey

Independent software developer, architect, and consultant. Father of two. Married to someone who blogs even less often than me. I live in the suburbs of Chicago.

Casual Programmer, LLC, is my consulting and development business. This site, https://casualprogrammer.com, is my personal and professional site and blog.

Some highlights from my resume: I’ve run the software side of a hardware/softare startup working to make high-bandwidth optical networking technology easy to deploy everywhere. I’ve managed distributed teams building telecom software for global customers. I’ve delivered code for servers, desktops, real-time control systems, embedded systems, databases, CI/CD infrastructure, and more. I’ve shipped a couple of apps under my own name, and released a bit of open source here and there.

If you think I could help you with a software project, please get in touch.

You can reach me at aaron@casualprogrammer.com, or as @at on micro.blog, or via my LinkedIn profile.

Kevin Trickey

My oldest son Kevin has released several fun iOS apps; those pages are also hosted here.


This site is purely static. The site structure and HTML is built using Jekyll, text is authored in either Markdown or raw HTML using Vim, and the site is managed and deployed using custom Perl code and other scripts. (Prior to using Jekyll, it was mostly Perl and Make.)

Site content is simple and conformant modern HTML, CSS, and RSS, checked on each upload using the W3C’s validators. I don’t spend any time checking on obsolete browsers, but it shouldn’t look too bad. I primarly use Firefox and Mobile Safari. There is currently no JavaScript here.

Headings are set in Nexa Free from Fontfabric. Body text uses Charter by Matthew Carter (Bitstream), served as the WOFF conversion by Matthew Butterick and available here. Both of these font families are generously made available free; follow those links for licensing information.