I am Aaron Trickey, independent software developer and consultant. Husband of Hemi Trickey. Father of two and resident of the Chicago suburbs.

My current main project is TimeStory, a new, native Mac app for creating timelines: product roadmaps, project plans, history, and more. Check it out.

I’ve also released PixelNote, an iOS app which embeds a curious, fun little graphical programming language optimized for one-line animation programs, and MileTime, a runner’s app for Apple Watch which lets you run time trials anywhere and track your records.

You can reach me at aaron@casualprogrammer.com, as @at on Micro.Blog, and on LinkedIn.

Casual Programmer, LLC, is my software consulting and development business. Some highlights from my over 20 years in the software industry: I’ve run the software side of a hardware/softare startup working to make high-bandwidth optical networking technology easy to deploy everywhere. I’ve managed distributed teams building software for global customers. I’ve done consulting work at financial/trading firms, telecom firms, and manufacturing firms. If you think I may be able to help you, please reach out.

Kevin’s Apps

My oldest son Kevin has released several fun iOS apps, although they are not actively maintained; those pages are also hosted here.

This site

I build this site using Jekyll. Authoring of Markdown, HTML, and CSS is all done using Vim, with some accumulated automation with Perl, Make, and C code. I value the ability to view source on the Web. I do not use or participate in any user analytics or tracking.

The primary font used here is Charter by Matthew Carter (Bitstream), converted by Matthew Butterick, and generously licensed for free.

All other images, text, and markup is © 2001–2019 Aaron Trickey. Please do not copy my images or text, but feel free to reuse any CSS, JavaScript, or other Web code I publish.