I am Aaron Trickey, husband, father, and independent software developer, based outside of Chicago, IL, USA. “Casual Programmer” is the name of my (infrequent) blog as well as of my company.


TimeStory is a powerful, fast, native Mac app built to let you easily create beautiful, professional timeline documents.

Learn more or get a free trial at https://timestory.app, or buy it on the Mac App Store.

Tech Background

Since 2019, I’ve been a full-time indie Apple developer. My home computing is all Apple as well, having migrated over from mostly Linux after the first iPhone came out. (I’ve been coding for iOS almost since the iOS 2.0 SDK came out, but for most of that time it was only on hobby side projects or small projects at work.)

I’ve done a lot of embedded, client/server, and desktop programming, on various platforms. I’ve also led development teams as an engineering manager, and had a VP role at a hardware/software startup. Back in the beginning, though, I was a kid with a Commodore 64, in a world full of computers of every shape and color, most of which would say “ready” when you turned them on.


If you’re more interested in my resume, here I am on LinkedIn. Please ignore my handle on the site formerly known as Twitter; I don’t check it often.

Family on the Web

See also my the homepages/blogs of my wife Hemi, my son Kevin, and my daughter-in-law May. May and Kevin also publish the amazing Crossworthy, home of some of their crosswords and their crossword-construction app.

This site

I build this site using plain Jekyll. Authoring of Markdown, HTML, and CSS is done using Vim or Nova, depending on how big of an update and what mood I’m in.

I value the ability to view source on the Web, and try to keep my CSS and HTML readable. I do not use or participate in any user analytics or tracking.

The primary font used here is Charter by Matthew Carter, as converted to webfonts by Matthew Butterick, and generously licensed for free.