Download it on TestFlight. (Requires macOS Ventura)

Back in 2021 I released Three Month Calendar, a Mac menu-bar item which pulls down a continuous, infinitely-scrollable calendar grid overlaid with customizable calendar-event markers. I pulled it from the store late last year due to a bug, but it’s now fixed, updated, and in public beta!

3MC, as it looks right now

It’s still a simple, fast, read-only calendar viewer. Don’t go looking for event editing. I assume you use some other calendaring app too. But version 3 is a pretty significant update; here are some highlights.

I did raise the minimum version to Ventura, so I could take advantage of some new SwiftUI stuff, the new AppIntents framework for providing shortcut actions, and Apple’s new SMAppService API, a vastly better way to self-register a login item. (One of the purposes of 3MC is to keep me on top of Apple’s new APIs, since my other production apps are built on AppKit and UIKit.)

I hope you’ll check it out!