This is a common privacy policy for multiple smaller apps; the current list is at the bottom of this page. If the App Store privacy link for an app leads here, this policy applies; just substitute that app’s name for the app in the text below.

New versions of this policy will be posted here, with a changelog at the bottom.

App privacy

The app does not track you.

The app may provide features which connect to the network, such as to upload a file or access a social media account. In such cases, the app will only share information you have chosen to share.

(Whenever you install or upgrade iOS or macOS, Apple lets you opt in to sending developer crash reports and analytics; please do so, as this data is fully anonymized by Apple, and lets me identify problems and usage patterns without collecting anything myself.)

Support privacy

If you contact me for support or feedback on the app, I will treat your messages as confidential unless you explicitly tell me otherwise, and I will not share your contact information with anyone unless required by law.

The above policy currently applies to a couple of my smaller or “for-fun” apps:

Note that TimeStory, my main commercial app, has its own website and privacy policy, although it’s quite similar in intent.

Version 1.0 was published on November 2, 2021.