Just a note to car companies. We are shopping right now, and looking at models where in-dash touchscreens are available.

Each member of our family has an iPhone. We also own a few tablets of varying manufacturers, vintages, and sizes.

We communicate, navigate, listen, and watch using these devices. We do so at home, while out, and while walking, driving, taking the train, walking in the city, and many other times. I prefer one system, not a different one in each context.

When considering a new car for purchase, your in-dash touchscreen system has precisely zero value to me. (Even CarPlay. I don’t want something which intelligently works with appropriate apps on my phone. I want my phone.)

Here’s what I ideally want, as an option. (I realize not everyone would agree.) That space where you offer a touchscreen. Leave it empty. Build in an adjustable bracket to hold my phone or tablet. A physical button to allow one-touch Bluetooth speaker pairing. A USB charging port. Maybe some sort of sun-shade over the top. That’s it. Then for the rest of the life of my car, I will always have an up-to-date, enjoyable-to-use navigation, entertainment system, and it will be the same one I use everywhere else.

This has got to be a common idea…