I am Aaron Trickey, currently an independent consultant and developer in the Chicago, USA area. I’ve told myself for years that I’d like to have a blog, so here it finally is.

I plan to write mainly about technical topics, or nontechnical topics related to software. I started programming as a kid on a Commodore 64; this led to a hobby which led to a career. I’ve personally done development on quite a few platforms—desktop, mobile, embedded, and server. I’ve been a manager at a midsize company, leading an amazing team, and I’ve been a solo consultant. For the last year and a half, I’ve been helping a startup with some very exciting from-scratch design and development work, while working on my own apps on the side. I plan on writing more about each as I get a chance.

I don’t expect to post very often, but I hope to have something interesting to say, or at least something worthwhile making myself write down, now and then. At this point I don’t anticipate adding comments to my blog; any comments or thoughts, please contact me at aaron@casualprogrammer.com.